Walther lg 55 exportfeder

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Walther LG 55. gamick. 65. gamick. 65. Post Jun 17, 2015 #1 2015-06-17T19:57. I'm in the process of taking my LG 55 apart and I ran into a snag. The retaining bolt refuses to come loose. Is this bolt a lefty loosee, or a backward thread? Or did they use lock tite? The reason I'm taking it apart is the low chrono numbers (325 adv.).
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Exportfeder für Weihrauch LG HW 35. ... Walther LG 400 Black-Tec Plus, Griff rechts Gr. M, TÜV bis 2025, mit Sport Diopter 20 Klick ... EUR 55,00. 0 Gebote ...
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walther lgv ersatzteile exportfeder druckfeder 2164272 kolbenfeder knicklaufluftgewehr kaliber 4,5mm 5,5mm
The Walther LGR air rifle was developed by the German arms manufacturer Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen as a high end match rifle for 10 metre air rifle competition shooting. The LGR was the first match air rifle that employed the then futuristic single-stroke pneumatic method as power source. This use of pre compressed air introduced the advantages of recoilless and vibration free shooting in ...
For those of you interested in a bit of history. Walther was founded in 1886. Production of the LG55 break neck target rifle began in 1955. They were produced until about 1967 and was available until 1974. Quite a few different variations of the LG55 was produced. They came with Tyrolean stocks, Walnut stocks as well as beech. Some had barrel weights in the form of a full length sleeve over ...
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