Rare breed trigger lawsuit

Aug 16, 2021 · Rare Breed Triggers had 4 ATF agents take a look at it’s FRT-15 trigger and they all gave it the go ahead, they said that it did not meet the agency’s definition of a machine gun. Rare Breed Triggers was hit with a cease and desist letter, this letter claimed that the FRT-15 trigger allowed for multiple rounds to be fired with a single trigger pull and that it was therefore a machine gun.

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Historic Arms LLC firearms designer Len Savage posted on an AR15.com thread talking about the Rare Breed Trigger case. "It will not be pleasant for ATF as I suspect their own internal emails will damn them." ... The Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the prohibition on so ...
(Article by Duncan Johnson republished from AmmoLand.com) According to the cease-and-desist letter issued on July 26, the ATF alleged that Rare Breed Triggers's FRT-15 trigger was actually a machine gun, and the agency ordered Rare Breed Triggers to halt production and sales, and create a plan to address the triggers that had already been ...
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Rare Breed followed this by filing a lawsuit in the United States Federal Court for the Middle District of Florida. "To put it simply, our trigger is not a machine gun as the ATF alleges, and we have complied fully with the law throughout the manufacture and production of this product," DeMonico said.
The attorneys then filed a federal lawsuit against the agency and the attorney general, Rare Breed Triggers, LLC v. Garland, in the 11th Circuit court. "When Congress wrote the law defining a machine gun, they drew a box.
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Instead, Rare Breed Triggers has filed a lawsuit against the ATF after being told to stop making the trigger or face fines and jail time. The government agency believes the attachment can convert the semi-automatic weapon into a "machinegun." Read: Al Capone's granddaughters selling mobster's belongings, including favorite gun