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Trauma Informed Care Training/Medical Consent / Normalcy Infection Control training ...This training explains Child Protective Services's expectations for the safe and effective use of psychotropic medications by children in DFPS conservatorship. Talk to your child's doctor about any specific questions you may have about the medications your child is taking.

• For fiscal year 2014, there have been increases over fiscal year 2013 in numbers of children: o Who get non-pharmacological interventions before or at the same time as psychotropic medications, and o Who see a provider every 90 days for review of medications. DFPS Kathy Keenan (512) 438-5509 Psychotropic Medication Monitoring Program for ...
Section #7: Psychotropic Medication and Bipolar Disorder Module #8: Psychotropic Medication and Schizophrenia Section #9: Resources on Psychotropic Medications Here are the learning objectives for this training. At the conclusion of this training, you will be able to: #1. State why psychotropic medications are generally used. #2.
Jan 09, 2013 · Since publication of the Comptroller’s Forgotten Children report in April 2004, the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) have been addressing psychotropic medication use by foster children.
F104.12 (DFPS) 12/9/19 Notes: *Orientation & CPR/FA do not count towards preservice hours. Required Trainings Training: •Hours Pre-Service Annual DFPS Trainings count towards self- instructional training hours.
Please see the training calendar to find the next set of classes near you. There are 8 online/self-instructional trainings required for families - click to access training: DFPS Trauma Informed Care (link) DFPS Medical Consent (link) DFPS Psychotropic Medication (link) DFPS Reporting Abuse and Neglect (link) Preventing Communicable Disease (video)
Antipsychotic Medications - Safe Use for All Ages B ILLING C ODE T YPE For drug coverage and provider type information, see the KMAP Reference Codes webpage. M ANUAL G UIDELINES Prior authorization will be required for all current and future dose forms available.
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: Psychotropic Medication Training This Texas DFPS training for residential child care providers and foster parents explains Child Protective Services's expectations for the safe and effective use of psychotropic medications by children in DFPS conservatorship.
Evidence-based psychosocial therapies, behavior strategies, and other non-medication interventions should be considered before or along with psychotropic medications. When needed, psychotropic medications may help children function in the short-term to help with emotional regulation, or long-term to treat life-long mental health disorders. For more information, please see the DFPS Psychotropic Medication website and training for Medical Consenters.
DFPS Psychotropic Medications Online Training An on-line Psychotropic Medication Training course has been developed by DFPS and is now a required course for all families during pre-service training and will also be required annually.
Texas Dfps Psychotropic Medication Training. Training Related Courses . 5 hours ago Training Texas Health And Human Services. Training Related Courses. 8 hours ago Online Basic Training Available. A provider training course for the Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program is
online DFPS TIC training is one of the DFPS approved TIC ... Psychotropic Medication Training (pre-service and annually) Water Safety Cybersecurity (1 hour within 90-days of verification/1 hour annually) Peer-to-Peer Abuse Prevention Training (at least once within 90-days of verification) Training hours: Treatment homes 30 hours for 1 parent ...
All training will take place at our office: 14741 Pebble Bend Drive, Houston, Texas 77068. Please call our office in advance to RSVP: Phone: (281) 809-4066