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SPITALUL CLINIC PELICAN Oradea, parte a grupului MEDICOVER Romania, a organizat miercuri, 13.11.2019 “Ziua portilor deschise pentru robotul da Vinci”, cu scopul de a arata, concret, medicilor de familie si opiniei publice cea mai avansata metoda chirurgicala pe plan mondial, disponibila acum si in unitatea noastra.

Pacientele trebuie sa stie ca au optiuni terapeutice atunci cand li s-a recomandat operatia de inlaturare a uterului - histerectomia. Acum exista interventii chirurgicale moderne, mai putin invazive, iar medicii din Campusul Medical Brasov au fost primii ginecologi care au efectuat intr-un spital privat din Brasov histerectomii laparoscopice.
Examenul cu ambele valve poate aprecia gradul de coborire a colului uterin, tipul de prolaps vaginal si troficitatea mucoasei vaginale. Examenul vaginal digital va aprecia starea colului, gradul lui de prolabare, caracterele corpului uterin si a anexelor. Tuseul rectal apreciaza calitatea perineului si tonusul muschilor ridicatori anali.
Understanding Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse is a disorder in which one or more of the pelvic organs drop from their normal position. It is caused by injury to the muscles or tissues that support the pelvic organs. The pelvic organs include the vagina, uterus, bladder, urethra, and rectum. These organs are held in place by muscles ...
Prolapsul organelor genitale se referă la organele genitale interne respectiv vagin și uter. Prolabarea înseamnă căderea acestora din poziția antomică normală prin canalul vaginal în diverse grade. Fig. 1 - Dispoziția anatomică normală a organelor pelvice Prolapsul vaginal Vaginul este un organ situat între rect posterior și vezică și uretră anterior.
Uterine prolapse is rare in mares, bitches, queens, and rabbits. Invagination of the tip of the uterus, excessive traction to relieve dystocia or retained fetal membranes, uterine atony, hypocalcemia, and lack of exercise have all been incriminated as contributory causes. In sheep, grazing estrogenic pastures may also be a contributing factor.
Uterine prolapse happens when the uterus (womb) slips from its normal position and bulges or hangs down into the vagina. This can cause discomfort and problems with urination. There are some treatment options that don't involve surgery that NICE says you might like to try. These are:
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Authored by Amy Rosenman, MD. Can The Uterine Prolapse Be Treated Without Hysterectomy? A Resounding YES! Many gynecologists feel the best way to treat a falling uterus is to remove it, with a surgery called a hysterectomy, and then attach the apex of the vagina to healthy portions of the ligaments up inside the body.
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Uterine prolapse is the loss of anatomical support for the uterus, typically surrounding the apex of the vagina. The anterior and/or posterior vaginal wall may also be involved. Uterine prolapse is one of the conditions encompassed by the term pelvic organ prolapse (POP), and the names may be used synonymously.
Uterine prolapse is mild when the cervix drops into the lower part of the vagina. Uterine prolapse is moderate when the cervix drops out of the vaginal opening. The bladder and front wall of the vagina are bulging into the vagina ( cystocele ). The rectum and back wall of the vagina (rectocele) are bulging into the vagina.