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Since I've started my astrology study, some 20 years ago, I've always been interested in Karmic astrology. Karmic astrology - The Teacher among Astrologies Today i want to share with you THE BEST Karmic/Esoteric Natal chart reading on the web, that is btw - FREE!

Jupiter's role in karmic astrology. If Saturn is the great master of karmic astrology, Jupiter is the bearer of karmic gifts, and helps us to understand this knowledge less restrictively. Karma is a pathway leading into correcting the past and learning, but also a tool to make the most of all the good things we inherit.
Karmic Astrology 5 Astrology Indications for Karmic RelationshipsIn this article I will demonstrate the 5 most common indications for soul mate problems and the ultimate lessons of such relationships.The personal planets of one partner, conjunct the South Node of the other. The personal planets in one's horoscope are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant lord and the Ascendant.
Astrologers see the birth chart as a map of your soul. When your personal soul map is placed next to the soul map of someone else, it's possible to see energy links, known as aspects, between the planets in your chart and the planets in the other person's chart. Regardless of the relationship you share … Aspects of Love and Relationships in Astrology Read More »
Karmic Astrology is a mystic branch of Astrology that attempts to discern as precisely as possible, through the position of planets in your natal chart, the possible reasons behind your current personality and actions in this life.
KarmicAstrology. 14,068 likes · 7 talking about this. Karmic Astrology is a path to self-discovery and acceptance. You're welcome to message me if you're interested in a reading. My website:...
A karmic relationship for Cancer is one that reveals your dark side. You are an ultra-sensitive zodiac sign, and when you feel threatened or ganged up on, you tend to do and say things you wouldn ...
It also brings together past life lovers and encourages karmic relationships. More detail about Saturn retrograde 2021 follows some general information on Saturn retrograde in transit. Information about Saturn retrograde in the natal chart can be found at the end of this article.
The Moon’s nodes, or lunar nodes, are two fascinating pieces of the astrological jigsaw that is your natal chart. Many people believe that the North and South nodes hold the key to understanding our karmic life lessons and discovering a sense of purpose in this earthly lifetime.
What is the Karmic Reason for Intercepted Houses? - Part 1. If you look at your natal chart, you will see that there are at least two houses engulfing two signs, unless you use the equal system house. The signs that are engulfed in the houses don't show up at the beginning of the house nor the end. This is called an intercepted house.
Fundamentals of karmic astrology. ... By the end of the class, you'll know what the pieces are in your natal chart and you'll have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of astrology. You'll know what things like houses and transits mean and you'll be on your way to deepening your understanding of astrology. ... Love is better. Show more ...
Feb 10, 2021 · The composite chart in astrology combines the natal charts of two or more people to create a new chart for the relationship itself. Astrology views the relationship itself as a separate entity, and composites can help explain why people who would seem to get along great don't and why opposites sometimes attract.