Inarizaki x bullied reader

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At last, a manager for inarizaki. you're a first year high school student of inarizaki and was surprisingly recruited by Suna Rintarou. The story of you getting recruited is actually funny because you're not actually really recruited by the quiet middle blocker. You just crossed on each other's path on the way to the gym and asked him ...
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A series based on a bullied!reader going through Special Ed. Which automatically makes her a outcast. She meet's a unlikely friend with strawberry blonde hair Oliver Kirkland (2p! England). Will he accept her? [ Yes, I am MsLela92 on deviantART. I like to spread my stories everywhere and hopefully make someone smile with my work.
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haikyuu boys with a tiktoker s/o. being best friends with the inarizaki trio. haikyuu boys when in secret relationships. haikyuu boys and the types of fights with their s/o. TWO CHARACTERS OR LESS: bokuto reassuring his s/o about their looks. haikyuu boys with an s/o that’s really good at volleyball.
bullied reader; Summary (Originally posted to my Wattpad) Your life was far from perfect, which was what led you to making a deal with a devilishly handsome Crossroads demon. Your father had taught you well, warning you of the monstrous demons that took whatever they wanted and destroyed for fun. But he was dead, and nothing would change that.
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Warnings: fluff, fluff, and more fluff Word Count: 1.2k Find part two here if you're ready for a continuation. . As you watched the small characters running around your screen you couldn't help but smile. There were already ten of you in the lobby, but that's when you heard one of them speak up.
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Haikyuu One-shots. 5. Shiratorizawa x Reader. You were a third year. The manager of the boy's volleyball team. You were a literal mom to the team with Semi assisting you here and there. You were a very carefree and forgiving person, so whenever you got angry they knew they had fucked up. But that rarely ever happened.
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