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Factory restore is an easy task for iOS user but when come to jailbroken iPhone/iPad, it gets a little harder. Some users want to restore their device to factory settings to restore the security features and warranty that jailbroken devices void, while others want to reset jailbroken iPhone without losing jailbreak features.Recover Your Apple ID - Apple

How to Reset iPad without Apple ID with iTunes. Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer. Step 2: Connect your iPad/iPad min/iPad Pro to the computer with a cable. Step 3: Select your iPad when it appears on iTunes. Step 4: Press the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons. Keep holding on till you see the Recovery screen.
How to Restore iPad to Factory Settings. There are four ways in which you can easily reset your iPad. Use any of the methods below to effectively restore your iPad to the factory settings. Way 1: Easiest Way to Factory Reset iPad. This method should be the first thing which you should try for resetting your iPad.
Jul 22, 2021 · You can restore your iPad if any of the follow issues occur: 1. Connect your USB cable to your computer but not to the iPad. 2. Turn off the iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake (top) button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then slide the slider. Wait for the device to turn off. 3.
Oct 06, 2021 · my fathers iPad had activation lock and he forgot hes iCloud, email and apple id, how can we reset all iPad as new? [Re-Titled by Moderator] More Less.
Now, with the release of iOS 15, Apple has slightly tweaked the process to reset all settings on iPhone and iPad. Considering how essential this feature is for users, here's a quick hands-on guide that would be helpful for those who are new to the ecosystem as well as for those who have just upgraded to the latest iteration of iOS.
Swipe right on the slider to reset your iPad and turn it off. Wait a few minutes, then turn your iPad back on. How to force restart an iPad. Completing a soft reset can be helpful when your iPad is running slowly or having trouble loading apps, but it won't fix every issue.
Answer (1 of 7): There are plenty of methods to reset an iPad without an iCloud passcode or password. Follow carefully, I am going to describe briefly the best four ways. Method 1 It will be most effective if you use a third-party reset tool such as iMyFone LockWiper iPad Factory Reset Software...
Choose "Restore" option from the pop-up window and iTunes will begin to restore your iPad. Once the restoring process finishes, you are able to get into your iPad without passcode and set up your device again. #6 How to Unlock iPad Passcode without Restore Using Siri? Want to unlock your iPad without restore? Then you can consider using Siri.
Apple explains how to turn off and reset the iPad in the manual for each device (on page 170 of the original iPad manual to be precise) as well as on the company support site. However, as this is a very frequently asked question, the answer also is provided below for your convenience.
How to factory reset iPad and erase all content. Tap on Settings and then tap on General. Swipe down to the very bottom and tap on Reset. Tap Erase All Content and Settings, enter your passcode ...
Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID with iTunes. Our last entry in this list is iTunes. Just like Find My iPhone, it is a safe method to factory reset iPad without Apple ID. This is because it was also developed by Apple. However, this time, iTunes is capable of more than doing a factory reset on your iPad.
Part 2. Option 1 Hard Reset iPad. A hard reset is one that doesn't remove all your data or the apps you may have on your iPad, this is an ideal option for those who don't want to go through the whole factory reset and keep most of their information. It is called a hard reset as it forcibly restarts your iPad as if you just switched it on.