44 mag ammo for bear

Father Uses .44 Magnum to Shoot Grizzly Bear off Son. Arizona - ( Ammoland.com )- On the morning of 24 September, 2017, David Buckallew, 63, and his son, Rory, 35, were hunting black bear. David ...

A long-time favorite powder for big bore sixguns, .44 Special, .44 Magnum and .45 Colt, has been Hodgdon’s #4227. A very pleasant everyday load is assembled with Oregon Trail’s 240 SWC over 18.5 grains of #4227. In a pair of S&W 83/8″ .44 Magnums, this load clocks out at about 1,067 fps with 7/8″ groups.
HSM HSM4415N Bear 44 Magnum WFN 305 Gr (Per 50) Leave Nothing To Chance When traveling Through Bear Country. HSM's Bear Load delivers Incredible Terminal Performance On The Biggest, angriest And Most Aggressive animals When It matters Most. Technologically advanced powders Push The Premium, Hard-Cast Bullets at Significantly higher velocities ...
I will use them on black bear in the fall in my .45-70 lever gun. 2009 4" .44 mag Redhawk, 1973 .41 Mag Blackhawk, 2001 4" .357 mag GP100, 2011 SR9c, 2013 SR45, Ruger American SS .30-06, 2015 .22 wmr LCR, 2016 .327 LCR and a 10/22. ... The fact that Hornady chose the FTX for their leverlution line of ammo does not make me feel confident in ...
Anyone traversing bear country would be well advised to choose a 44 Mag over a 357 Mag. And if you just want to deal as much damage as you can - you know, for fun - or live out your Dirty Harry fantasies, then the answer to the 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum is the latter.
It was to stop a bear in an emergency only, that was all. Saying up there by resident's who lived their life up there. Carry a 44 mag in the bear country so if you get charged by a bear shoot your buddy in the foot and run like hell! No hand gun is gonna replace a fairly light short 30 cal rifle with heavy bullet's stopping a bear!
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Winchester USA Pistol, .44 Rem. Mag, JSP, 240 Grain For serious centerfire handgun shooters, U.S.A. Brand ammunition is used by serious handgun shooters and is an ideal choice for range training, plinking or competitive shooting. Muzzle Velocity: 1,180 FPS. Conclusion. Lever action pistols and rifles make it easy to find the right .44 Magnum ammo.
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I love the .44 mag but let's face it, we are talking black bears not grizzlies or browns. I carry a .44 mag in bear country cause that is what I am used to. I am wondering if you would be happier with a GP100 in .44 special with good loads or maybe the 10mm version. The .357 mag is a good choice as well.
Warren Page did more bear hunting than anyone I know, and had a dedicated bear rifle. It was chambered for a cartridge called the .35 Mashburn Super Magnum, and fired a 250-grain bullet at 2700 ...
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Many people are also able to shoot faster and more accurately with a .357 Magnum than a .44 Magnum or other larger cartridge. With this in mind, a high-quality handgun chambered in .357 Magnum, like the Ruger GP100, can be a very effective bear-defense gun.